Perfect Singapore

What should a house include for you to call it a perfect home? Is that easily achievable? Well, if you live in Singapore, it definitely is. An Ideal Home In an overcrowded city such as Singapore, it is a real challenge sometimes to stumble upon a home that suits youContinue Reading

the Sea-Is-Rising

A new study has been conducted by a team of scientists who realized that two-meter rise could result in catastrophic consequences for the world. They added that this rise could result in loss of 1.79 million square kilometers of land, and that loss could jeopardize up to 187 million peopleContinue Reading


Around the world, scientists are concerned that the projects involving satellite constellations could potentially change the view of the sky; the reason for this is sunlight reflections. Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX company, denies claims that the fleet of satellites, standing around 12,000-strong, can ruin the night view ofContinue Reading

processed food

Consuming ultra-processed food can significantly increase the risk, according to new research, of cardiovascular disease and early death. 62% increased risk is noticed in a study with people eating more than four servings of processed food every day. A potential connection between a large intake of a particular food, suchContinue Reading