A New Study on Coffee Consumption

This new and intriguing study claims that coffee fans can now enjoy their favorite drink without the usual stress of health issues. Pour an extra cup or five, as the new research shows that it doesn’t negatively affect the heart. Previously, all coffee drinkers were advised to cut down on the intake of their favorite drink, as past research claimed it had a negative effect on the arteries. In one study, over 8,000 people were tested, and it showed that drinking five cups per day was the same as drinking only one. A few brave people even succeeded in drinking up to twenty-five cups per day without any increase in risk for their arteries.

The Queen Mary University of London conducted a test of their own. Researchers divided the 8,500 people into three groups. A group in which people drank less than a cup a day, a group of people that drank one to three cups, and a group of individuals who drank three or more cups a day. The third group’s average of cups drank was five, with a few individuals consuming up to two dozen. The research results have shown that even those who downed a coffee per hour were in no higher risk of stiffening arteries from those who drank less than a cup per day.

Dr. Kenneth Fund claims that different reports could discourage people from enjoying coffee worldwide. Fund pointed out that while they couldn’t prove a causal link in this study, their research indicated that coffee wasn’t harmful to the arteries, despite the previous studies claiming otherwise. The study included people drinking up to twenty-five cups per day, but the average intake per head was five cups a day. However, further, carefully conducted studies would be needed to successfully determine the safe limits of coffee intake.

Coffee’s effects on the heart, arteries, and higher chance of a heart attack and stroke were shown in previous studies. Professor Metin Avkiran claims that the study rules out one detrimental factor of coffee’s influence on our arteries. The BHF (British Heart Foundation) funded a study in which the participants underwent MRI scans of their heart along with infrared pulse tests, and the final results held its ground even after considering factors like weight, smoking status, and age.

Many times has the advice on coffee consumption shifted during the years, but a study by the British Medical Journal found no evidence of harmful effects connecting coffee intake and health outcomes, except maybe pregnancy-related cases.

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