Around the world, scientists are concerned that the projects involving satellite constellations could potentially change the view of the sky; the reason for this is sunlight reflections. Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX company, denies claims that the fleet of satellites, standing around 12,000-strong, can ruin the night view ofContinue Reading

processed food

Consuming ultra-processed food can significantly increase the risk, according to new research, of cardiovascular disease and early death. 62% increased risk is noticed in a study with people eating more than four servings of processed food every day. A potential connection between a large intake of a particular food, suchContinue Reading


In China, pre-orders of Tesla model number three are now available cheaper. This event occurred when the company decided to combat the import tariffs by selling their vehicles at 13% lower prices for Chinese consumers. The cars from domestic factories are cheaper than the models imported from the United States,Continue Reading


This new and intriguing study claims that coffee fans can now enjoy their favorite drink without the usual stress of health issues. Pour an extra cup or five, as the new research shows that it doesn’t negatively affect the heart. Previously, all coffee drinkers were advised to cut down onContinue Reading

Einstein’s Impact

A brilliant experiment proved Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity — but first, let us address the question: what is the theory of relativity about? An esteemed astronomer from Cambridge University, Dr. Matthew Bothwell, explained how the theory of relativity works and why it is so important. Bothwell tells usContinue Reading