SpaceX Satellites Ruining The Night Sky View

Around the world, scientists are concerned that the projects involving satellite constellations could potentially change the view of the sky; the reason for this is sunlight reflections. Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX company, denies claims that the fleet of satellites, standing around 12,000-strong, can ruin the night view of the sky for astronomers.

Despite Mr. Musk’s claims that the sunlight reflections can’t interfere with their scientific work, astronomers came forth together with a concern involving the satellite constellation project. To ultimate goal of the Starlink satellites is to provide stable broadband-speed internet access across the globe while generating resources for other Elon Musk-powered conquests of space. Nevertheless, the skywatchers are still expressing concern about the satellite’s impact on their work, despite the denials about it.

Dr. Marco Langbroek, a Dutch astronomer, showcases a video captured by a team of his astronomers which shows, as they claim contrary to Musk’s claims, that the satellites would be clearly visible south of the arctic circle. An astrophysicist, Nestor Espinoza, speaking to The Guardian, pointed out that the satellite projects are simply a private company’s way of spoiling the sky for everybody. He also noted that there was no consensus about the projects; nobody asked them for an opinion. Musk’s claims explained the plans for the revenue of the project. They plan to establish a city on Mars that is entirely self-sufficient and a Moon base, and this project is a crucial step toward this ambition.

Elon Musk, prior to the launch of the first group of satellites, said that he believes that the new satellite constellation can ultimately provide constant internet coverage for most parts of the world. For now, Starlink has authorization only for the use of the radio spectrum to communicate with consumers in the United States, anywhere else the company faces a harsh competition. A number of projects, involving satellite constellations, were attacked with concerns about their cost efficiency. Other big companies work on their satellite constellation projects such as OneWeb, Leosat, Amazon, and others. OneWeb already launched their satellites while Leosat and Telesat intend to build data networks. Each of these networks will use these satellites which are positioned closer to Earth than traditional communications older satellites.

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